Posted by: Jason | October 13, 2013

An Interesting Surprise this Week

Good evening all and I hope this finds you feeling well. The weather today was glorious and we had a very good day. We went to a Japanese speech contest held in Moji for foreign guests living in Japan. The speeches were all excellent and I was very impressed. Even more impressive is that most of the speakers had not been in Japan all that long but their language ability was fantastic. I am so very jealous. I need to study more. Slowly, slowly, day by day, my Japanese is getting better, but, it’s been a long, and very uphill climb.

I had a rather big surprise this week. Some time ago, (from WAYYY back in January 2011, I posted a very funny video by English author Mil Millington. This past week, Mr. Millington contacted me, asking about how my students enjoyed the video as well as wondering if his accent really was that strong. No, his accent isn’t that strong, and, at the time, everyone thought the video was very funny.

So, if you want, take a little walk down memory lane and watch the video again. It’s hilarious.

Thanks for the laughs Mil.


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