Posted by: Jason | April 15, 2020

Corona Virus Closing

I’m very sorry but, due to the ongoing Corona Virus, we will be closed for April. Classes will resume May 7th. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by: Jason | September 15, 2015

Silver Week

Hello Everyone,

Sorry, I haven’t been keeping this up at all and I need to get back on this.  In the coming weeks, there should be lots of material coming in.  Keep checking back and there will be some interesting stuff.

In other news, we will be closed for Silver Week, September 21st to 23rd.  Have a great holiday.

Posted by: Jason | April 29, 2015

Closed for Golden Week

Just a quick note to let everyone know.  We will be closed Monday May 4 to Wednesday May 6 for Golden Week.  Have a great holiday everyone.

Posted by: Jason | January 27, 2015

Welcome Back!

It’s a new year here at Able English School and I’m excited.  I had a lovely holiday and I’m back, all refreshed and ready to take on the world.  Bring it on ladies and gentlemen, I am ready for anything.

Just learned something very interesting today.  If you use Google Translate on your smartphone, you can now use the camera function to take pictures of words and it will translate the words in the picture.  It is not perfect, but, it is very useful.  I’ve told a few of you about this already, but, I have to admit, this is a fantastic resource for anyone.  I can imagine using your smartphone in a restaurant to read the menu for example.  Very, very well done Google.

In other news, the school year is drawing to a close and we will be accepting new students very shortly.  We will be opening a new Mommy’s class on Wednesdays at 2 pm starting in April and, if this year is like last year, we will be opening a few more children’s classes as well.  I’ll announce the date of the trial classes very soon.  Please be patient as I’m catching up on a mountain of work that I have to get ready before we start the new year.

So, welcome back everyone and let’s put our best foot forward and start this year off great.

Hello everyone.

Well the year is drawing to a close. I’m looking out the window at the snow and getting ready for a family Christmas here in Canada and I just want to thank all of you for being so understanding for me to take these holidays. All of you are fantastic.

December was a ton of fun. We had Christmas parties for everyone and the kids did such a wonderful job with their presentations. I hope you all enjoy your Christmas time and have a great New Year. I’ll see all of you in a week or so and we can do our best in the new year.

Just to tide you all over, here is a few pictures from the Christmas parties:












Posted by: Jason | November 17, 2014

Film English – a great site

After a presentation at the Kitakyushu JALT a week or so ago, I took a look at the website,Film English and found a bunch of wonderful exercises.  I’ll be using these in my classes for the next little while.  Great stuff.  Take a look at the first video:

What do you think of the two cities.  What strikes you the most about them?  If you were going to make a video about Kanda, what would you show to show Kanda to the world?

Posted by: Jason | October 27, 2014

Halloween Scares and Chills

Our Halloween party yesterday was a smashing success.  Over eighty children between the two parties.  I am so very pleased.  Lots of scary ghosts and goblins and of course, lots of princesses and witches too.  We paraded down the main street in Kanda, drawing all sorts of looks and smiles where ever we went.  And, everyone got to Trick or Treat at Dee’s Mexican Cafe.


A super special thanks to Dee and Yumiko for helping with the trick or treating and, of course, let’s not forget Natalya and Ryutaro for all their help too.  Thank you very much.  And thanks to all of you, the students and their families, for coming out and making the party such a great time.  You are all very special.  Thank you.

Posted by: Jason | October 19, 2014

Spooky Ghosts and Goblins are Staring Back at Me

Next week is the Halloween party and I’m so excited. I’ve got a great costume this year that I really want to show off and I know that the students are going to have fun. We’ve got lots of candy and the response this year from students has been great. Almost everyone is going to come. Lots of people, lots of good times.

Just to get everyone in the mood, I’ve got a video from Super Simple Songs for you. Enjoy

Posted by: Jason | October 5, 2014

Halloween is Around the Corner

Spooky things are going bump in the night. We’re having our annual Halloween party on the 26th of October at Mihara Kominkan. I’ve already sent out the invitations to the kids, so, hopefully we’ll have a good crowd. I already have my new costume ready and it looks pretty snazzy if I do say so myself. I love this time of year. And getting everyone together at the same time is so much fun.

So, put on your masks and costumes and come and scare us.

Posted by: Jason | July 25, 2014

Hello and Goodbye to a Lovely Guest

Hello all. I hope that this finds you well on these sweltering days of summer. After a glorious spring and a surprisingly dry rainy season, summer has come full of fire and we are all cooking in our cars. I am really not loving this heat. But, I suppose it won’t last that long and then people will be complaining about the cold.

Well, we had a fantastic week this past week. We hosted a home stay guest from Vietnam. Heo is a lovely girl and a complete joy. She really had a good time here I think. We did our best to show her all the fun things in Japan from Space World to nagashi somen to Ichiran ramen. It was a whirlwind tour and we are all very sad that its over. This is the fourth time we have hosted someone from the Asia Pacific Children’s Conference and every time the experience has been wonderful.

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved, I know they are always looking for volunteers. Just let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Talk to all of you later. Have a great week and stay cool.

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