Posted by: Jason | January 16, 2011

A Really Funny Video – Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About.

Hello all. Follow the video link below for a very funny video. It is very English, and Mil Millington’s accent is quite strong, but, it is really, really funny. And, because this is educational, there’s a bit of a test for you to answer, after you watch the video.


1. What is his girlfriend’s name?
2. Why is he afraid to be in the car with his girlfriend?
3. What is a bonnet?
4. Why is his girlfriend angry?
5. What does she do when he asks her to look at the road?
6. What does he do when he sees the car stopped ahead of them?



  1. Stop making comment!!

  2. […] had a rather big surprise this week. Some time ago, (from WAYYY back in January 2011…), I posted a very funny video by English author Mil Millington. This past week, Mr. Millington […]

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