Posted by: Jason | July 25, 2014

Hello and Goodbye to a Lovely Guest

Hello all. I hope that this finds you well on these sweltering days of summer. After a glorious spring and a surprisingly dry rainy season, summer has come full of fire and we are all cooking in our cars. I am really not loving this heat. But, I suppose it won’t last that long and then people will be complaining about the cold.

Well, we had a fantastic week this past week. We hosted a home stay guest from Vietnam. Heo is a lovely girl and a complete joy. She really had a good time here I think. We did our best to show her all the fun things in Japan from Space World to nagashi somen to Ichiran ramen. It was a whirlwind tour and we are all very sad that its over. This is the fourth time we have hosted someone from the Asia Pacific Children’s Conference and every time the experience has been wonderful.

If you or anyone you know would like to get involved, I know they are always looking for volunteers. Just let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction.

Talk to all of you later. Have a great week and stay cool.

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