Posted by: Jason | March 23, 2014

Thank You Mr. Hine

Hello all and I hope that this finds you well. Today was a beautiful day, warm and sunny and the blossoms are bursting out as fast as they can. I like this time of year. Everything is so pretty.

Well, March is quickly drawing to a close and thus ends another year at Able English School. This past year has seen one very big change. Last April, Mr. Andrew Hine began teaching a few classes a week for me. He usually works at Kanda Elementary School as the ALT during the day, but, on Thursdays and Fridays, he came on out and took a couple of classes for my third grade and first grade classes.

He did a bang up job for the school and the students have really done very well this past year. He is professional and his classes are great. The students took to him and I’m sure they will miss him greatly next year. Andy is leaving us, and Kanda, to pursue a position in Fukuoka. We wish him all the best and hope that he can drop by from time to time.

Thank you very much Andrew. You helped me a lot and everything you did is greatly appreciated. Well done you sir.

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