Posted by: Jason | January 26, 2014

Trying a New Thing in the Adult Classes

Hello all. I hope that this fine Sunday finds you fine and dandy. The weather this week has been gloriously warm, although, for some reason, everyone keeps telling me that 12 degrees is cold. I’m sorry, but, to me, twelve degrees is almost spring. I love this weather. Comfortable and clear. But, then again, this just means that summer is that much closer.

This past week or so, I tried something new. It’s a new monthly lesson for the higher level adult classes. I’m going to be taking a scene from famous movies and watching them in class. I would like to combine both listening and speaking exercises. Hopefully we can find something to discuss after going through the scene. For our first lesson, I chose a famous scene from The Matrix where our hero, Neo, is given a choice by the mysterious Morpheus. If he chooses one pill, he will forget everything that has happened. If he chooses the other, he will escape the Matrix and see the real world.

Here is the scene:

Here’s a question for you: Which pill would you take?

Have a great week and I’ll see you all later.

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