Posted by: Jason | April 21, 2013

Golden Week is Soon

Hello everyone. I hope that you are all enjoying this warm spring weather. I know that I am. First off tonight, I guess I should take care of a little business. Golden Week is upon us and Able School will be closed for a week. We will be closed from Tuesday, April 30th to Monday, May 6th. We will open again on May 7th. I hope all of you have fun in the holidays.

We went to Costco in Kitakyushu today. For those of you who don’t know, Costco is an American wholesale chain that sells American products. It’s a very, very different store from what you usually see in Japan. For one, the store is huge and very open. It’s one giant warehouse, with the different aisles separated by huge shelves that reach up about ten meters high. The other difference is the sizes of the things you can buy. Everything is big. You cannot buy just one thing, you have to buy a whole package of them. I bought a 1.5 kg jar of peanut butter, for example. I have enough peanut butter to last me for a good long time. They also sell clothes and appliances too. The prices are pretty good and there are many things there you just can’t buy anywhere else.

If you’ve never gone, you should try it once. It’s a very different experience.

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