Posted by: Jason | November 11, 2012

Sangyosai in Yukuhashi

Well, had a very long weekend. Not so much things with the school, but, we helped out at the sangyosai festival in Yukuhashi this weekend. In case you didn’t know, Akiko teaches a Japanese class along with a number of other volunteers in Yukuhashi a couple of times a month. The class is a lot of fun. I’ve been going for about six months now and I think my Japanese has gotten a little bit better. I just need to study a little harder.

So, the students and the teachers of the class got together this weekend and sold Indian curry, Chinese chijimi and hard boiled tea eggs. Very, very yummy. My voice is mostly gone now from shouting, “irashimase” all day long. But, we did have a lot of fun.

So, how was your weekend? Did you have a good time?

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