Posted by: Jason | September 2, 2012

Summer is Almost Over

Hard to believe, but the summer is finally drawing to a close. The weather has gotten a little cooler and the kids are off to school again. Pretty soon the leaves will start to change and we’ll be getting out the cool weather clothes. To be fair though, it’s about thirty degrees and sunny today, so, it doesn’t really feel too much like fall.

Things at the school are about to really pick up. August was a pretty quiet month and I enjoyed some quiet time. But, that’s about to change. We have some new classes starting during the day and in the evening. And, very soon, I will be teaching another class at Kita Kominkan on Friday evenings about dealing with culture differences. Should be lots of fun. And, speaking of Kita Kominkan, I will be starting an early afternoon adult class on Tuesdays as well. A very lovely group of people.

And, I promise, I’ll update the school picture on here very soon. Sorry, one of those things on my list to do. See you all soon.


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