Posted by: Jason | August 19, 2012

Hard to Believe It’s Been Ten Years

Hello everyone. Hope all of you are fine and good. The weather here has been so hot, but, that’s nothing new I suppose. Today was actually kind of nice. I went for a walk this evening and it was comfortable. A very good thing.

I got to thinking this evening and I realized something. It’s been ten years since I came to Japan. Not ten years since I opened the school. That comes in a couple of months, but, I arrived in Japan in August of 2002 after spending about four or five years in Korea. It’s certainly been a unique experience with new things to learn and new challenges almost every day.

I remember when I first got here that I got lost almost all the time. I could never find my way anywhere. The roads seemed to move on their own and I’d go somewhere and then come back on a completely different route. Confusion all the time. Of course, my wife helped an awful lot in those early days, and she still helps a lot now too. I was pretty helpless back then. Even going to a restaurant by myself was very difficult. I couldn’t read the menu and, in some restaurants like an izakaya, I couldn’t even read the prices. I really and truly learned to hate kanji in those days.

Things have gotten easier now. I can get around pretty well on my own. Although, I do have to say, I STILL hate kanji.

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