Posted by: Jason | July 16, 2012

Hi There, Lots of News

Sorry about being a day late. As some of you know, my wife, Akiko, teaches Japanese in Yukuhashi on Sundays. Yesterday, we had a big beach party at Nagai beach in Yukuhashi and myself and many other people enjoyed a barbeque and had a great time. Lots of fun. But, by the time I got home last night, I was too tired to post. So, you’re getting this today.

In other big news, we have a home stay guest arriving tomorrow from Malaysia. We’re looking forward to meeting her and all the other students that are coming to Kanda and Fukuoka. A bit smaller crowd this year than last year, but, it should be very interesting. Today we’ve been getting the house ready and it’s been busy all day long.

Also, I’ve very pleased to announce that our new classes at the new school will be starting tomorrow. Something else I’m very excited about. Our children’s classes will continue at Mihara Bunka Kaikan until the end of the month and we’ll start having the younger ones at the new school in August. But, the adult classes will be at the new school starting tomorrow. I’m looking forward to showing the new place to everyone.

So, it’s still full speed ahead here. I’ll be seeing all of you soon.

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