Posted by: Jason | April 8, 2012

Printing vs Cursive

I was having a discussion with one of my students this week and he was surprised that many of his students could not use cursive writing. I suppose I should explain that a bit more. In English, there are two writing styles, printing and cursive. ((Actually, there are quite a few more, but, for this discussion, we’ll limit ourselves to these two)) Printing is what everyone recognizes. What you are reading right now is a version of printing where the letters are each separate and quite square looking. Cursive, on the other hand, is more flowing and all the letters are run together. Here are examples of Lower Case Writing and Upper Case Writing.

Talking to teacher friends of mine back home, I realize that a lot of students aren’t really being taught cursive writing anymore and I am fairly sure that the Japanese schools here are no longer teaching it at all. So, when you’re writing, be careful how you write. If you use cursive, the other person just might not be able to read what you write.

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