Posted by: Jason | January 30, 2012

End of Month Roundup

Hello all.  I hope that everyone is fine and dandy.  We’re coming up on the end of January and I thought I’d talk about what’s happened this month at the school.

The children’s classes have been going very well.  The younger ones are learning about prepositions of location – in, on, under – and about houses.  One of the key phrases this month for them has been, “Where is the ____?”  Where is the table?  Where is the bed?  That sort of thing.  It’s gone very well I think.  Everyone has done a great job.

The First Grade students have also been working on Where, but, now it’s a bit more involved.  They did a book, “Where is it?” in class, reading and answering the questions.  We’ve also really focused on making complete sentences.  Instead of just answering, “On the table”, they have to make complete sentences – “It is on the table.”  Seems a simple thing really, but, learning to create full sentences is a big step.  Putting all that vocabulary into action isn’t easy and they’ve done well.

The Second Grade students are also reading a book this month – “What Do You Want?”  They’ve been learning the difference between like and want and how to ask questions using want.  Now I keep getting told, “We want to play a game!”  Well, at least they’re saying it in English.

The senior elementary kids have started a new textbook this month – Hip HIp Hooray 5.  It’s a big step up for them.  The reader in the text and the vocabulary are both very challenging.  I’m looking forward to continuing with this book in the coming year.  We combine Hip HIp Hooray with Easy True Stories, alternating between textbooks in the coming weeks and months ahead.  I’ve used the Hip Hip Hooray series for a while now and I quite like the results.

The adults this month have also seen some new stuff.  I’ve begun a video lesson once a month, just for about half of a class using my favorite movie of all time, “The Princess Bride”.  The response from students has been very positive.  Also, I’m starting a new listening theme this year.  I want to do a different song from each decade from the 50’s to the present, with two songs from each decade.  This month we did Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea”.  I think everyone liked it.

So, with that, I think I will leave you with Mr. Darin’s music and hope that you all have a great week.

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