Posted by: Jason | December 5, 2011

Big Things Came.

Sorry I’m a bit late today.  As you probably know, I post these on Sunday nights and I try to be as regular as I can be.  Yesterday, Sunday, though, was very busy.  We were out all day shopping for this and that and the other thing.  By the time we came home, had dinner and whatnot, I just died.  Totally slipped my mind to post.  So, here I am, the next morning, talking to you here.

Well, I do say the next morning.  It’s the next morning for me.  Probably not for you though.  Depends on when you read this I suppose.  When are you reading this?  Look at your watch now and tell me.

Ha ha.  I can’t hear you. You’re talking to your computer.  😀  Ok, that wasn’t all that funny.

Anyway, our big news happened last week.  RKB television came last Wednesday and interviewed me and Akiko and the students for their afternoon TV program.  We’ll be on tomorrow, Tuesday, December  6 at 4 pm.  I’ll have to be sure to record it and post it here next week.  I’ve very excited.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, Akiko is in the Kanda Town News.  They did a full page article on her English circle that she runs at the community center.  We’re all very proud of her.  Actually, today, I have to go to her circle and be Santa Claus.  It’s their Christmas Party.  It should be lots of fun.

Well, that’s enough from me.  I’ll see all of you later and don’t forget our Christmas party.


  1. How was the interview ?? I bet you had a really good time!
    I work tomorrow, so I can’t watch it 😦

  2. Well, I have it on tape now, and they say they’re going to send me the DVD soon. I’ll post it here when I can.

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