Posted by: Jason | October 30, 2011

Travel Class – Unit 10, Emergencies

Well, we’ve reached the end of the class. Ten units on useful phrases that you can use while you’re traveling. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this as much as I have. It’s been a real treat.

This week, we’re going to look at emergencies.

Listen to the following call to the Emergency Operator and try to fill in the blanks. What is the Emergency?

Operator: Emergency operator. __________ your emergency.

Dirk: We need an ________________ right away.

Operator: What is your name?

Dirk: Dirk. Dirk Omora.

Operator: Can you tell me what ________________?

Dirk: There was a _________ _________________.

Operator: Where are you?

Dirk: I’m not __________. I was driving in my car when I saw the _______________. I’m ______________ on Blossom Road. Can you ________________ my location?

Operator: Yes, we’ll try to do that. Can you see if anyone is ______________?

Dirk: One of the drivers is ________________ on the ____________ unconscious and the other one is ______________. There’s someone trapped in the ____________ of her car, too. We need to rescue her before the car ____________! I’m going to see if I can help.

Operator: Sir, I need you to ______ ______ _____ __________. I’m sending an ambulance right now and they’ll have the Jaws of Life and other _______________ to do the job. The ____________________ will be there very soon.

Dirk: Okay, but hurry!

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