Posted by: Jason | October 23, 2011

Travel Class – Unit 9, Shopping, Part 2

Well, we’re almost at the end of the Travel English program. It’s really been a lot of fun. Today, we’re going to continue on with more shopping. Just a short one today, so enjoy:

May I Help You Ma’am?

Store Clerk: May I help you __________?

Woman: Yes, I’m looking for a ___________.

Store Clerk: Oh. ____________. What kind were you _______________ of?

Woman: I’m not sure. Maybe a _____________ one.

Store Clerk: Oh I see. This one is ________ ___________.

Woman: Oh yes, it really is _______________. How much is it?

Store Clerk: Nine _______________.

Woman: Only nine dollars and ninety nine cents?

Store Clerk: No, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars _____________.

Woman: Oh… I see.

Until next week.

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