Posted by: Jason | September 18, 2011

Travel Class – Unit 4, Sightseeing

Hello again. Here’s another listening exercise from our Travel English class. I hope you enjoy.

Asking the Concierge about What to See

Hotel Clerk: Can I help you with _______________?

Victor: Yes, I was hoping you could ____________________ a restaurant nearby.

Clerk: What kind of __________________ would you like?

Victor: I’m not picky. I’m looking for something moderately priced that’s within walking distance.

Clerk: There’s a good ______________ restaurant called “Galeno’s” about two blocks away. Would you like me to make a ___________________ for you?

Victor: Thanks, but that won’t be necessary. I need to check with my guest before deciding. By the way, I’ll be in town for ___________ days, and I’d like to see the sights.

Clerk: Is this your first time here?

Victor: _____________, it is.

Clerk: Then, I’d suggest seeing our ______________ and the botanical gardens, and don’t miss the shopping district near downtown.

Victor: Can I get there on foot?

Clerk: I’m afraid not. You can take a ___________ or a bus. We have a very good bus system. The other option is to take a tour. There are several tour companies that have _________ _________leaving from this hotel. Help yourself to their brochures. They’re over there.

Victor: Do you have a _______________ showing where those sights are?

Clerk: Sure. Here you are. Is there anything else I can help you with?

Victor: No, that’s all. You’ve been a big help. Thanks.

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