Posted by: Jason | September 11, 2011

Travel English Class. Continued. Listening for Taking a bus and Checking into a Hotel

Hi there. Good to see you again. This week we’re going to continue on with more of our travel English listening exercises. We did Unit 2 in class this week, so, the first listening exercise will be review for some of you. I’m also putting up next week’s exercise – checking into a hotel, so you can get a head start before class. Let’s jump right in.

First, listen to the following: Taking a Bus to the Santa Anita Mall.

And try to fill in the blanks:

A: This bus goes _______ ________ _______ to Santa Anita Mall, right?
B: Yes, it’ll take us _________.
A: Are you ___________?
B: I always __________ this bus.
A: How ________ is this bus ride?
B: It only takes about a half an hour.
A: Where do we ________ ________ at?
B: We can get off the bus right behind Macy’s.
A: There’s a ________ right next to the mall?
B: Yeah, it’s right in the __________ lot.
A: That’s cool.
B: Yes, I know.

Next, let’s try checking into a hotel. Listen to Tony Marsh and May Hunter check into a hotel:

Checking into the Hotel Part 1 and Checking into the Hotel Part 2. Try filling in the blanks.

Receptionist: Good morning. Can I __________ you?
Man: Good morning. I think there should be ____ __________ booked for us, in the names of Tony Marshall and May Hunter.
Receptionist: Umm, just a moment. Yes, two _________ rooms with ________________ bathrooms?
Man: That’s right. We’re attending the ‘Sun, Sea and Sand’ conference and exhibition. Does that mean we get a ___________________?
Receptionist: Yes. We are one of the conference partner hotels, so there is a ten per cent discount. Is it for ten days? Is that right?
Woman: Yes, until the ________________. That’s ten days.
Receptionist: Good.

Receptionist: Right then. We’ll need you to sign a credit card voucher ____ ____________. But when you check out, you can settle the account by card or cash, or ____________, as you wish.
Man: OK, thanks.
Receptionist: Right. You, Ms. Hunter, are in room 202 and you, Mr. Marshall, are in room 207. If you take the lift over there to the second floor the _______________ will accompany you with the ___________________.
Woman: Thank you very much.
Man: Cheers. Do you have a map of Manchester? We want to go out later.
Receptionist: Yes, here you are.
Woman: And can you ______________________ any good places to eat?
Receptionist: Well, why don’t you try Chinatown? There are plenty of good Chinese restaurants there.
Woman: Ohh, that sounds great, I love Chinese food. Thanks.
Receptionist: ________ _______ ________ ________!

How did you do?

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