Posted by: Jason | September 4, 2011

The New Travel English Class

As some of you know, I’m teaching a class at one of the Kanda community centers on Thursdays now. It’s a travel English class. Big class with lots of students. Very fun. I thought I would share a bit from the first class – a listening exercise for you all to try at home. First, listen to the following airport announcement:

Attention Passengers.

Now try to fill in the blanks:

1. “Attention ______________ on English Air flight 232 to Boise. The departure gate has been changed. The flight will now be _________ from Gate ______________.”

2. “This is an _______________ for passengers on flight 232 to Boise. The flight has been delayed due to ______ __________ ____________. The flight crew has arrived at the ____________, but the ground crew is still de-icing the _______________ of the aircraft. Our new departure time is ______________.”

3. “I’m afraid that flight 232 is overbooked. We’re looking for ______________ who are willing to take a _____________ flight in exchange for a travel voucher worth $300. Any passenger who is ______________ should see an _____________ at Gate 26.”

4. “We are now ready for boarding.”

And answer the following questions:

1. What is the new departure gate?
2. Why has the flight been delayed?
3. What is the new departure time?
4. Why do they want passengers to take a later flight?

Put your answers in the comments link and we’ll see how you do.


  1. I tried!!

    1. passengers/leaving/26
    2. announcement/bad/weather/conditions/gate/wings/10:50am
    3. passengers/later/interested/agent

  2. Excellent Saori. That’s all right.

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