Posted by: Jason | June 26, 2011

My All Time Favorite Movie

I like movies. I really do. I’d love to go to the theater more than I do, but, I do rent a lot of movies. Good movies and even some bad movies are a lot of fun. My favorite movie is called The Princess Bride, which came out in 1987. It was directed by Rob Reiner, who also directed The Bucket List and Stand By Me. The story was written by William Goldman who also wrote Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, another really fantastic movie staring Robert Redford and Paul Newman.

In The Princess Bride, our hero, Wesley, falls madly in love with Buttercup, while he works as a farm boy on Buttercup’s farm. Wesley has no money, so he sets off to make his fortune so that he can marry Buttercup when he returns. However, his ship is captured by the Dread Pirate Roberts and Wesley is killed.

All in the first five minutes of movie. It really is great.

Here’s a couple of scenes:


If you find the whole thing somewhere, give it a watch. I love it.


  1. ah !! I have watched it with American friends !! They recommended to see it and also remembered this fight scene !! But I watched it with no subtitle, so I could understand half. I love “The Bucket List ” too. 🙂

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