Posted by: Jason | May 22, 2011

Things I Listen To

I’ve mentioned this before in class, but, I thought I’d repeat myself here. I like to listen to a number of podcasts every week. Mostly, I listen to short story podcasts. I suppose, the first thing to talk about, is what exactly is a podcast?

Well, a podcast is an audio or sometimes video program that is hosted on the Internet that you can download and listen (or watch) on your computer or on some sort of player like an Ipod or a cell phone that lets you play music. These programs are sometimes produced professionally, and sometimes they are amateur productions and cover just about every possible topic you can imagine; from news and entertainment to hobbies to pretty much anything else. Some of them are produced daily, and some are weekly or even monthly. There are, quite honestly, thousands and thousands of these podcasts out there.

Here’s a sample of some that I listen to:

Drabble Cast – “Teddy Bears and Tea Parties”. This was the first Drabblecast I listened to and it was recommended to me by a friend. A truly horrifying story. I fell in love with the show from then on.

The Starshipsofa – Grail Diving in Shangrilla. Starshipsofa is a weekly audio magazine that covers science fiction. Tony Smith, the show’s host, has a very strong accent, so, be warned, it’s not easy to understand. But, the readings are usually very excellent. I loved this story.

Escape Pod– A Taste of Time Escape Pod is another short fiction weekly podcast. They jump right into the story with a minimum of talking, so, it’s a good one when you don’t have a lot of time. Also, they print out the stories so you can read as well as listen. Great for studying.

Anyway, that’s what I like to do in my free time. Take a look. I hope you’ll find something you like.


  1. I could download “Teddy Bears and Tea Parties” to my ipod nano.
    i’ll try to listen to this in train!

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