Posted by: Jason | April 24, 2011

Meeting New People

Had a good day today. We had some guests over for lunch and I got to meet some new people. Lots of fun. It got me thinking about how we act and what we say to “break the ice” when meeting someone new. Break the ice is an idiom that means, “get to know someone”. There’s all sorts of things we can talk about but, there are also a few things we probably should avoid. So, I thought we could talk about some do’s and don’ts for meeting someone new.

First off, the don’ts. There are two things you never, ever talk about with someone new – politics and religion. These are just two things that are difficult for friends to talk about and with strangers, it becomes very, very easy to offend someone. People can get angry or upset about both of these topics and when you’re meeting someone new, it’s almost always best to just not talk about these things.

On the other hand, there are many safe topics for getting a conversation started. Some of the obvious ones are the weather and someone’s job. These are usually pretty safe to talk about and no one gets too offended if someone asks what they do for a living. Family can be a good topic too, although, be careful about getting too personal. If you know someone is married, then ask about children, but, if you don’t know if that person is married or not, then asking about children might be a little awkward.

One rule of thumb to always remember – give information first. Tell the other person something about yourself and then ask about the other person. “I really like baseball. Do you like baseball?” is a simple question, but, it lets the other person know that you’re not just going to ask question after question like some sort of television reporter. You want to avoid sounding like you’re doing an interview.

That’s all for now. Have a good week and get out there and meet someone.


  1. Usually my starting topic is movie.”I like movie. Do you like movie?. Recently I watched that movie. I recommend that movie.blah blah blah…”

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