Posted by: Jason | January 23, 2011

Let Me Introduce You to Doctor Who

As you all probably know, I’m a very big science fiction geek. I love sci fi and I always have. I guess I should back up a little and explain what a geek is.

A geek is a very big fan who absolutely loves something. And, usually its something that is a bit outside of the usual. So, you have computer game geeks, science fiction geeks, board game geeks, model train geeks and so on. Stuff that’s more mainstream, like, say, baseball, has fans. Star Wars has geeks.

Anyway, I’m a geek and I admit it.

On BBC, there is a very long running TV show called Doctor Who. Now, when I say long running, I really mean it. The first episode of Doctor Who aired in 1963 and ran continuously until 1989. It’s the story of the adventures of The Doctor, who has no name, a time traveler from a distant planet who wanders around time and space getting into all sorts of trouble. The Doctor travels in a small blue box, called the Tardis, which is larger on the inside than the outside. It’s actually a lot more fun than I make it sound.

If you take a look around on Google for the videos, you can find more than a few. They’re great fun and I highly recommend them.




  1. I checked it on Youtube, but there are so many “Doctor Who”‘s videos.
    Which is the real one ?? I think some of them are fake or something like that.

  2. Actually, most of them are real ones. There have been about twelve different actors over the years playing the Doctor, so, most of them are likely real. I would have posted links, but, I couldn’t find one with Japanese subtitles.

    Here’s a fun one – The Fires of Pompeii

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