Posted by: Jason | November 21, 2010

In Under the Wire

I’ve been pretty good so far about posting these every week. Looking at the clock, I’ve got just enough time today too.

Today I want to talk a little about grammar. Yes, I know. Grammar, boo hiss. Terrible stuff. But, in my opinion, learning grammar helps to construct sentences much more easily. If you can train yourself to think in the proper order, then building a sentence usually means only changing a few words. The order remains the same.

The simplest thing to remember is that sentences almost always follow the same order. You have the subject, then the verb and then the objects. And the objects usually follow the same order as well – who, what, where, when, and why. Take a simple sentence:

I went to the store yesterday to buy milk.

As you can see, the order follows the pattern. Subject, verb, where (to the store) when (yesterday), and why (to buy milk). Practice making sentences this way and it will really help you to make longer, more fluent sentences.


  1. well,I downloaded Sesame Street Podcast at the living room today to study English.
    Is this ok?

  2. Sure. Anything is good. Actually, I’ve watched those Sesame street podcasts and they’re very fun. Very cute. Good luck. It’s always good to listen to new voices.

  3. I am poor at studying grammar 😦
    By the way, what does “In Under The Wire” mean ??

  4. “In under the wire” is an idiom. It means just at the last moment. I was almost late with my post, but, I finished it just in time.

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