Posted by: Jason | October 24, 2010

Writing in Paragraphs Part 2

Hello again. Did you give writing a try last week?

Writing in paragraphs can be very useful. If you have to make a telephone call, for example, to someone who speaks English, it’s a great idea to write down what you want to say first. And, of course, there is email as well. Being able to write well impresses the reader.

So, how do we write well? The first step is to get organized. What do you want to say? What is the most important part of your message? That goes in the first sentence. Next, give details. Depending on what you’re talking about, a few ideas that add to the first sentence can really flesh out your paragraph. Finally, wrap it up. Your concluding sentence should restate your first sentence to let the reader know that you are finished with that thought and are going to go on to the next one.

When you’re reading, look at the paragraphs. Read the first and the last sentence. See how they are very strongly related? That’s because English writing usually follows this pattern. Most important information first, then supporting information, then a conclusion.

So, take a look at the picture from last week again and give it a try. Try to answer the questions from last week and see what you can come up with.

PS. If you want to give a bit of reading a try and have a laugh at the same time, try out Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About Very funny.

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