Posted by: Jason | October 11, 2010

A Very Fun Song

Hello again, thanks for stopping by. It’s very good to see you.

As some of you already know, I’m from Canada. In Canada, there’s a very popular music style called Celtic music. Celtic music is strongly influenced by Irish and Scottish music and uses many traditional instruments like a mandolin, but the lyrics are often very Canadian. One group that does a lot of this kind of music is called Great Big Sea.

Here’s an example:

The song is called Excursion Around the Bay. It’s about a man and his wife being taken aboard a sailing ship and being forced into the Navy.

Here’s a gap fill for the lyrics – see if you can hear the words:

Well it was on this ___________ ___________
And the day be _______ _____ _______
A harbour grace excursion
With the boys who had the time
And just before the sailor
Took the gangway from the pier
I saw some fellow haul me ___________
Aboard as a volunteer

Oh me, oh my, I heard me old wife __________
Oh me, oh my, I think I’m gonna ___________!
Oh me, oh my, I heard me old wife __________,
“I wish I’d never taken this excursion around the bay”

We had fourteen hundred souls aboard, oh what a splendid _______!
Left stong and regimental to make our spirits __________
And meself being in the double, when a funny things they’d _________
They choke themselves from laughing when they’d see us in the _______


Me wife she got no better, she turned a sickly _________
I fed her cake and candy, fat pork and kerosene
Castor Oil and sugar of candy, I rubbed pure oil on her ________
And I said she’ll be a dandy when we reaches Harbour Grace!


My wife she got no better, my wife me darling __________
The screeches from her trollear could hear in Carbonear
I tried every place in Harbour Grace,
Tried every store and __________,
To get her something for a cure or take her to the __________


She died below the brandy’s as we were coming __________
We buried her in the ocean, wrapped up in a Union Jack
So now I am a single man, in search of a pretty __________
And the woman that says she’ll have me, I’m off for Harbour Grace!


It really is funny, but there are many words there that might not be familiar. Take some time and try to look them up if you need to.

As for me, I’ll be out in me punt, off for an excursion about the bay.


  1. I can’t hear some words 😦
    But I understood this song is funny from some parts of lyrics !!!

  2. This song is so difficult!

  3. Oh yes. Very, very difficult. I don’t understand all the words either, so don’t feel too bad.

    I just really love this song, so I thought I would share.

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