Posted by: Jason | September 26, 2010

What I did this Summer.

Well, last week we talked about telling stories.  Who were those girls in the picture and what were they doing.  Well, here’s another little story about something I did this summer.

I admit, I love dinosaurs.  I really do.  Always have.

When Walking With Dinosaurs came to Fukuoka this summer, I just had to see it.  It was an amazing show.  Life sized dinosaurs walked through the arena while the narrator explained everything.

Just to give you an idea of the size of these things, look at the T-Rex:


Simply amazing.

So, what did you do this summer?  What got you excited?  Let’s share some stories.


  1. Thank you for showing picture:)
    Wow….this is really big !! Amazing.
    I didn’t do something special, but I went to Korean sauna this summer.
    It was great !! I recommend it:)

  2. Huuuuge dinosaur!!!

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